About Us

Echtra means "adventure" in Old Irish. It also describes a category of Old Irish literature about a hero's adventures. The hero's fate after their journey varies from tale to tale, but there is always a new adventure to come. Our shop is inspired by these everyday adventures, and the ones yet ahead.

Thanks to our incredibly determined tree planting partners in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti, and Nepal, we have had the opportunity to employ impoverished communities in those countries to help us plant 15 trees for every item sold. And thanks to you - our customers and friends - we are able to make fighting poverty and deforestation a daily goal.

Our basecamp is in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a thriving community of creators and adventurers. If you're in town and want to chat about anything under the sun - just let us know.

For general questions, feedback, or wholesale inquiries please reach out to us at info@echtraoutfitters.com.